VividIrelandSound a collection of music being Bible New Testament

in focus that include Instrumental themes that also

may explore various forms in sound and design.



Setting the Mood

VividIrelandSound design music photography with creative direction.


Music for the Soul

When music and the soul come together through the master's love our works are without the need of any Wifi but we can see creation

through his creative results. As christian believers we can then dig deeper into our own musical souls. 
VividSound a harmonious compilation of music that I hope others  will enjoy and convey the gospel of Christ Jesus. If you enjoy  the content please share or send me your comments I do listen.



Spiritual Sound

The music of the gospels is my favorite among many it has a spiritual language that I have tried to pair with Instrumental melodies.Through short arrangements I hope you do listen and discover the Lord Jesus Christ...        VividIrelandSound.

Parking Lot

Yamaha Digital Programmer


The rear panel includes On/Off Switch DC12V  Power Midi In, Out, Thru, Cassette, External Clock Out, In,Foot switch In,Waveform Data Cartridge ,Click, Out R, Out L Mono Jacks and the remaining outputs for external mixing of instruments. 


The RX-5 Digital programmable drum Programmer made by Yamaha Japan.

The RX5 was Yamaha's flagship drum machine in (1986)..

The Yamaha RX5 offered twenty Four PCM (Pulse Code Modulated Samples) accessed by 24 touch velocity pads 16 voices with a Sample rate of 12 bits per sound and two Drum kit modes with a unique sequencer.

The RX5 has 36 performance pads with a

12 part instrument mixer.


Having 100 memory pattern  at 49PPQ and a sampling frequency of 25khz the RX5 is MIDI equipped  includes multiple outputs for the onboard sounds having

BassDrum 1 ,Snare 2, Rim 3,Tom 1, Tom 2, Tom 3, up to 29 sounds are available from the internal memory with further available via external ROM cards that are inserted into the rear of the RX5.


Sound Design

Sound design project inspired byWALL-E the Movie Original video content © 2008 Walt Disney. Sound Design © 2020 Vividmoog

I was led to post this on

Palm Sunday 5th April 2020.


I hope people who view this would think on the reason that mankind is going through the Corona Virus.

I believe God is speaking to those who have forgotten his son.


Lord Jesus Christ many people are asking how long this will continue I don't have the answer. I do know that its time to Pray for the forgiveness to our Sins and the help from GOD to heal the nations

I ask for your intervention to end this Worldwide Pandemic. 

Jesus Christ spoke these words in the Holy Bible. 


John 12 V 47   And if any man hear my words,  and  believe not,  I  judge him not: for I came not to judge the world, but to save the world..

— Mark Ireland,VividIRELANDSOUND